We all know who they are, but have you ever wondered how it all began...? Come and meet Young Sherlock and his inseparable friend in the adventure that gave rise to the legend. Humour, mystery and suspense in equal measure in a story that will have you gripped from the start. Perfectly adapted to your students' level, this show asks many questions and only one thing is for sure: it will be the best English class of the year.

Nivel Educativo Segundo y Tercer Ciclo de Primaria, y Primer y Segundo Curso de E.S.O.
Idioma Inglés
Duración aproximada 60 min.

Proyecto didáctico

  • Perfect for… Working on colloquial expressions in English, descriptions, and simple conditionals, while at the same time discovering one of the best-known literary figures of all time.
  • Don't miss… This fresh, entertaining stage adaptation, where humour contrasts against suspense and dramatic tension.
  • Did you know? Conan Doyle based his character Sherlock Holmes on his tutor Dr. Joseph Bell, famous surgeon and teacher at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. It was said that the doctor could tell a patient's life and habits just from looking at them.

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