“The knights of fortune,” argued Silver, “don’t tend to trust each other, and believe me, they have their reasons...” Is it possible to enjoy betrayal as much as friendship? The swindler, of course, is the brilliant, charming, irresistible Long John Silver... Because witnessing a mysterious death at an inn, crossing the Pacific on a pirate's ship and ending up on a desert island full of scoundrels... with treasure, phantoms and curse included, will be an unforgettable adventure in the best English class of the year.

Nivel Educativo Tercer a Sexto Curso de Primaria, Primer y Segundo Curso de E.S.O.
Idioma Inglés
Duración aproximada 60 min.

Proyecto didáctico

  • Discovering, experiencing and valuing Drama as artistic expression.
  • Instilling a positive attitude to learning English.
  • Encouraging students to read through texts of interest to them.
  • Identifying this book as a key part of universal literary heritage and finding out more about Robert Louis Stevenson.