Your real Lucky Day will be when you arrive at the theatre So come join this journey! Hold your breath and grab your favourite amulet as you enjoy the craziest comedy of the season. Andy and Bob are two brothers with very different ideas about the meaning of luck and its “signs.” Laugh along with their superstitions in a fun and refreshing show, with an English level that has been perfectly adapted to the audience. Anything is possible with these two mad characters.

Nivel Educativo Tercer a Sexto Curso de Primaria, Primer y Segundo Curso de E.S.O.
Idioma Inglés
Duración aproximada 60 min.

Proyecto didáctico

This fun show full of impossible situations and crazy characters will become the best English lesson of the year. Based on basic structures that have been perfectly adapted to their level, Lucky Day is the ideal instrument for your lessons.

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