Two different people, or two sides of one person? The good and evil inside us all raised to the fullest in a musical that will keep on the edge of your seat. Intrigue, mystery and above all plenty of strength, in a show where the characters fight to save themselves. A classic in English literature that you mustn't miss; it will become the best English class of the year.

Nivel Educativo E.S.O., Bachillerato y Ciclos Formativos de Grado Medio
Idioma Inglés
Duración aproximada 60 min.

Proyecto didáctico

  • Perfect for… Working on content from the English syllabus based on one of the best-known classics, and getting to know the work of Stevenson, one of the key authors in young persons' literature.
  • Don't miss… Our special effects and live musical performances.
  • Did you know? Based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson created an archetype unknown until that time, one of human duality. Since then, a whole range of characters have be created based on this model.

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