There are only two types of people in the world...those who have managed to get out of an ESCAPE ROOM and those who have not! Laugh, have fun and take part in the craziest scenes, where ingenuity, creativity and teamwork are the key for you and this unusual group of friends to escape. You don’t need many more tips to work out which will be the most enjoyable English class of the year. Are you in?

Nivel Educativo Tercer a Sexto Curso de Primaria, Primer y Segundo Curso de E.S.O.
Idioma Inglés
Duración aproximada 60 min.

Proyecto didáctico

  • Discovering, experiencing and valuing Drama as artistic expression.
  • Instilling a positive attitude to learning English.
  • Encouraging students to put the knowledge and skills into practice the involvement and interaction with the actors.